Parallel Synthesizer
The parallel synthesizer is an efficient, time-saving and labor-saving chemical reaction workstation. It can heat, stir, condense and reflux multiple reaction vessels at the same time under highly consistent reaction conditions, and can react in an inert environment. It has the characteristics of multi-function, high efficiency and convenient use. It is applicable to chemistry, pharmaceutical science, new materials, bioscience, environmental science, inspection and quarantine, etc.
Main features of parallel synthesizer

1、Single or multi station experiments can be carried out, up to 12 stations. The conventional ones are 250ml * 6 station and 50ml * 12 station. Special requirements can be customized.

2、The reactor is placed on the same IKA or haidoff mixer and temperature control module to provide consistent heating temperature and stirring speed for each reactor. Different temperature control modules can be selected according to the actual working condition temperature requirements.0

3、The new central air inlet and outlet and central radial gas circuit can be used for vacuumizing and filling inert gas.

4、The unique condensing module design can condense and reflux each reactor.

5、The chemical resistant material PTFE cover can quickly fasten the reaction pipe, and each reactor has a built-in gas circuit on / off valve, which can be controlled separately.

6、Optional temperature controller adopts PT100 temperature probe with temperature control accuracy of ± 0.5 ℃.

7、The built-in time controller automatically ends heating and mixing, and can realize unmanned operation.

8、The annular design is convenient for observation and experimental operation of the reaction.

9、The quick release valve connector includes a shut-off valve to facilitate external connection or shut-off of condensate.

Reference picture of parallel synthesizer

Six position parallel synthesizer


Twelve position parallel synthesizer


Six position mechanical stirring parallel synthesizer

technical parameter
name 6-bit parallel synthesizer 12 bit parallel synthesizer Mechanical stirring parallel synthesizer
model HT-PS6 HT-PS12 HT-PS6-A
Reactor station 6*250ml 12*50ml 6*250ml
Reactor type Flask test tube Flask
temperature range RT~180℃(customizable), customizable low temperature
Centralized gas inlet and outlet
Separate gas circuit on / off valve
Condensation reflux function
Midway injection
Rapid sampling
stir stir Magneton stirring Magneton stirring Magnetic stirring / mechanical stirring